How to check/reset the page count of your DR-G2xxx series scanner

Article ID: ART180897 | Date published: 09/19/2022 | Date last updated: 09/19/2022


There are 2 methods which you can use to check and/or reset your roller page counts for your DR-G2xxx series scanner:
  1. Directly from the control panel of the scanner.
  2. If the scanner is connected via USB, you can use the "imageFORMULA Driver Setting Tool".


Checking/Resetting Roller (page) count from Control Panel (User Mode)

  • ​User Mode's [Maintenance] -> [Pick Roller Kit] and [Separation Pad] shows the number of pages fed since the feed rollers and separation pads were replaced. Make sure to reset the counter when you replace the rollers and separation pads.
  • In User Mode, [Maintenance] --[Total Scan] shows the total number of pages fed over the life of the scanner, and cannot be reset.
  1. Press the Menu key on the operation panel.
    User Mode is activated.

  2. Press the  keys to select [Maintenance], and press [OK].
    The maintenance setting items are displayed.

  3. Press the  keys to select [Pick Roller Kit] or [Separation Pad], and press [OK].

  4. Press the  keys to select [Reset], and press [OK].
    The counter is reset to zero.

  5. Press the Menu key to return to the original screen.

Checking/Resetting Roller (page) count with the Canon imageFORMULA Driver Setting Tool

A USB connection is required to make this setting with the Canon imageFORMULA Driver Setting Tool. You cannot make any changes to the roller (page) counts when connected via wired LAN.
  1. Open the Canon imageFORMULA Driver Setting Tool's Setting screen.

  2. On the [Maintenance] tab sheet, click the [Reset] button in [Reset the pick roller feed count] or [Reset the pad fee count].
    Click the [Maintenance] tab to access the roller/feed counts.

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