Printer Parts - CP1500

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This article shows the parts of the SELPHY CP1500.


Part Names

Figure: External view of printer, parts 1-12

Figure: External view of printer, parts 13-19

(1) Memory card slot (11) OK OK button
(2) Paper cassette compartment (12) Power button Power button
(3) Paper cassette compartment cover (13) Air vents
(4) Monitor (14) Paper ejection slot
(5) Ink cassette lock (15) Battery pack mounting cover
(6) Ink cassette compartment (16) USB port
(7) Ink cassette compartment cover (17) DC IN (power input) terminal
(8) <Menu button> Menu button (18) Security slot
(9) Back button Back button (19) Battery release lever
(10) Up button Up, Down button down, Left button left, and Right button right buttons  

 Security cables, such as a Kensington lock, can be attached to the security slot.

Home Screen

Figure: Home screen

(1) Select & Print
Select images, specify the print quantity, and print.
(5) Remaining battery level
Shows the remaining battery level in range of 1–4 when a battery pack is used.
(2) More print options
Print in a variety of ways, such as printing an index or reprinting previously printed images.
(6) Wi-Fi settings
Set up a Wi-Fi connection.
(3) Shuffle print
Print selected images from a memory card together at automatically selected sizes.
(7) Active connections
Displayed when connected via Wi-Fi.
(4) Setup
Set up printing or other printer operation.
(8) ID Photo
Print ID photos for passports or other documents.

Press <Up button> <Down button> <Left button> <Right button> to select a menu, and then press OK.

 To return to the Home screen from other screens, press Back button repeatedly.

Image Selection Screen

Multi playback screen

Figure: Multi playback screen

(1) Screen displayed when Back button is pressed. Enables you to return to the Home screen. (3) Screen displayed when Menu button is pressed. Shows [Options].
(2) Screen displayed when OK is pressed. Switches to single playback screen.  

Use <Up button> <Down button> <Left button> <Right button> to select images.

Single playback screen

Figure: Single playback screen

(1) Screen displayed when Menu button is pressed. Shows [Options]. (3) Print quantity for the current image. For shuffle printing or ID photos, a check mark is displayed.
(2) Screen displayed when OK is pressed. Shows a preview screen. (4) Total quantity if you have printed other images.

Use <Left button> <Right button> to select images.

Use <Up button> <Down button> to set the print quantity.

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