Shuffle Print - CP1500
Article ID: ART180906 | Date published: 09/21/2022 | Date last updated: 10/04/2022


This article shows how to use the Shuffle Print function of the SELPHY CP1500.


Shuffle Print

Use [Shuffle print] on the Home screen to arrange images in a variety of sizes on one sheet automatically.

Use shuffle print for images on memory cards or USB flash drives as follows.

Example of shuffle print

 Shuffle printing is not available for images with an aspect ratio narrower than 3:1.

 Load an ink cassette and paper cassette (with any paper except card size) in the printer.

  1. Choose [Shuffle print] and press <OK>.

    Figure: LCD

  2. Adjust the settings as needed, and then press <OK>.

    Figure: LCD

    • To use shuffle print for up to 8 images, set [Max. Images] to [8], and for 9–20 images, set it to [20].

  3. Choose images.

    Figure: LCD

    • Pressing <Up button> places a check mark in the quantity field.

    • Press <OK> to access the [Preview] screen.

  4. Print.

    Figure: LCD

    • Press <OK> to start printing.

    • Pressing <Up button><Down button> enables you to set the print quantity.

    • Printing is possible even with fewer images than the maximum set in [Max. Images] (8 or 20), and if you choose more images than this, a second sheet is used for shuffle printing. In shuffle printing on two sheets, half of the selected images are printed on each sheet.

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