Print ID Photos - CP1500
Article ID: ART180907 | Date published: 09/21/2022 | Date last updated: 10/04/2022


This article shows how to print ID photos with the SELPHY CP1500.


ID Photo

Images on memory cards or USB flash drives can be printed for use in photo identification from [ID Photo] on the Home screen.

Example of ID photo print

  1. Choose [ID Photo] and press <OK>.

    Figure: LCD

  2. Choose a size.

    Figure: LCD

    [Custom] Specify the length of the long and short sides before printing.
    [Standard] Print a photo that complies with the international ICAO standard.
    [Dual] Print two sizes: 50×50 mm (approx. 2.0×2.0 in.) and 45×35 mm (approx. 1.8×1.4 in.).
    • [Custom]: Select the long side length in [Long Side], and then select the [Short Side] length. [Short Side] options are automatically updated based on [Long Side] length.

    • On the [Sizes] screen, you can limit the sizes listed for [Custom] so that only the sizes used most often are shown.

    • Choose from these three sizes.

  3. Choose images.

    Figure: LCD

    • Pressing <Up button> places a check mark in the quantity field.

    • With [Custom] and [Standard], you can select up to two images.

    • Press <OK> to access the [Preview] screen.

    • To crop the image, press Menu button and choose [Cropping].

  4. Print.

    Figure: LCD

    • Press <OK> to start printing.

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