Other Wi-Fi Settings - CP1500

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This article provides information on additional Wi-Fi settings that can be adjusted on the SELPHY CP1500.


Other Wi-Fi Settings

Besides setting up printing via Wi-Fi from [Wi-Fi settings] on the Home screen, you can also check setting information and reset Wi-Fi settings.

  1. Choose [Wi-Fi settings] and press <OK>.

    Figure: LCD

  2. Choose an item to change and press <OK>.

    Figure: LCD


To disable Wi-Fi connections, select [Disable].

Confirm Settings

Enables you to check the printer name, IP address, and other details.

Other Settings

  • [Set Printer Name] enables you to rename the printer. Press <Menu button> to access the input screen, and then enter a new printer name ().

  • Select [IPv4/IPv6 Settings] ► [IPv4] to enter the IP address and subnet mask for IPv4 manually.

  • Select [IPv4/IPv6 Settings] ► [IPv6] to enable or disable the IPv6 address.

  • Set the type of security in [Security settings].

 [IPv6] is not available with [Direct Connection].

 [Security settings] can be configured when [Direct Connection] is used or when the printer is connected to SELPHY Photo Layout.

 Connection may not be possible with [Security settings] set to [WPA3], depending on the smartphone OS, software version, or other factors. In that case, set it to [WPA2].

Reset Settings

Enables you to reset Wi-Fi settings such as the printer name, router information, and password.

Entering Information

When entering a printer name, password, or other information, press <Menu button> to access the input screen.

Figure: On-screen keyboard

  • Entering information

    • Press <Up button> <Down button> <Left button> <Right button> to select a letter, number, or symbol, and then press <OK>. To enter a space, select [Space], and then press <OK>.

  • Deleting information

    • Press <Up button> <Down button> <Left button> <Right button> to select [Delete], and then press <OK>.

  • Switching input modes

    • To switch from uppercase to lowercase letters and then symbols, press <Menu button> repeatedly.

  • Returning to the previous screen

    • To confirm input and return to the previous screen, press <Up button> <Down button> <Left button> <Right button> to select [Finish], and then press <OK>.

    • To cancel input and return to the previous screen, press <Back button>.

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