Print With a Battery - CP1500
Article ID: ART180922 | Date published: 09/22/2022 | Date last updated: 10/04/2022


This article provides information on printing with the SELPHY CP1500 using a battery pack.


Printing Without a Power Outlet

To print where no power outlet is available, use Battery Pack NB-CP2LI (sold separately). A fully charged battery pack provides enough power to print up to about 100 sheets of L-size paper.*

According to Canon testing. May vary depending on printing conditions.

Attaching the Battery Pack

  1. Remove the battery pack mounting cover.

    Figure: Battery pack mounting cover being removed in direction of blue arrow

  2. Insert the battery pack.

    Figure: Illustration showing battery insertion

    • Slide the terminal-end in the direction of the arrow (①) and insert the other end (②) until it clicks into place.

 To avoid unexpected accidents or malfunctioning if the printer is carried with a battery attached, remove the battery before carrying the printer.

 Battery Pack NB-CP2LH (sold separately) is also supported. A fully charged battery pack provides enough power to print up to about 70 sheets of L-size paper.*

  • *According to Canon testing. May vary depending on printing conditions.

Charging the Battery Pack Before Use

  • With the battery attached and the compact power adapter connected, turning the printer off starts charging, and [Charging in progress] blinks on the screen.

  • Fully charging NB-CP2LI takes about 4 hours (at normal temperatures), after which [Charging in progress] is no longer displayed.

  • The printer can also be turned on () and used while [Charging in progress] is blinking. However, charging stops. When the printer is turned off, [Charging in progress] starts blinking again and charging resumes.

 Keep the printer horizontal during charging. Charging may take longer if the printer is upright during charging.

Do not charge the printer if it is in an upright position

 For battery precautions, refer to the battery user manual.

 When [Charging 2] is displayed, before charging, make sure SELPHY is in an environment at within the operating temperature range () and has adjusted to the ambient temperature.

 Response when [No charge] is displayed:

  • Unplug the printer, remove the battery, wait a while, and then charge it in a horizontal position.

  • If [No charge] appears while the printer is horizontal, the battery may have reached the end of its useful life. Purchase a new battery pack.

 [Charging in progress] display can be cleared by holding down a button other than <Power button> for at least 3 seconds. [Charging in progress] is displayed for about 10 seconds if you press a button other than <Power button> while the screen is off and the battery is charging.

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