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This article provides information on faxes that go into the memory of the MAXIFY GX4020.


The printer prints received faxes automatically by default. And furthermore, the printer stores the received fax in its memory. When the faxes are stored in the printer's memory, the FAX Memory lamp is lit or flashes.

In the following conditions, the received fax is not printed automatically, only is stored in the printer's memory. Then Fax received. Saved in memory. is displayed at the Fax standby screen.

  • When Do not print is selected for Received documents in Auto print settings under Fax settings

  • An error has occurred on the printer:

    If you select Print for Received documents in Auto print settings under Fax settings, a received fax will be printed automatically. However, if any of the following errors occurs, the received fax will not be printed. It will instead be stored in the printer's memory.

    When the error is resolved, the fax stored in the printer's memory is printed automatically.

    • Paper has run out:

      Load paper in the cassette or the rear tray, then select OK.

    • A different size of paper from that specified by Page size in Fax paper settings is loaded:

      Load the same size of paper as that specified by Page size in Fax paper settings, and then select OK.

    • The amount of remaining ink is insufficient to print a fax:

      Refill the ink tanks.

    • The maintenance cartridge is full:

      Replace the maintenance cartridge.

  • You pressed the Stop  button to cancel printing of a fax:

    Press the HOME  button and select Fax  to resume printing of the fax.

 When the printer's memory is full, the faxes stored latest overwrite those stored earliest. However, the unprinted faxes are not overwritten.

 If the printer's memory is full with the unprinted faxes, the printer cannot receive the faxes. Check the FAX Memory lamp regularly, print the faxes, or forward them to the shared folder of a computer and delete them from the printer's memory.

 The printer can store up to max. 250 pages* (max. 30 documents) of faxes in the printer's memory.

* When using ITU-T No.1 chart (Standard mode)

 If the printer's memory becomes full during memory reception, only pages which already have been received are stored in the memory. Print the received faxes stored in the printer's memory or forward them to the shared folder of a computer, and then delete them from the printer's memory and have the sender resend the faxes.

 We recommend you check printed pages immediately after faxes are received. If a fax remains in the printer's memory, you can reprint it after refilling the ink tanks.

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