Delete a Document in the Printer's Memory - GX4020
Article ID: ART180991 | Date published: 11/23/2022 | Date last updated: 12/06/2022


This article shows how to delete fax documents stored in the memory of the MAXIFY GX4020.


You can delete a specified document in the printer's memory or delete all the documents in its memory at a time.

  1. Make sure the printer is powered on.

  2. Select Fax on the HOME screen.

    The Fax standby screen is displayed.

  3. Select Function list.

    The Function list screen is displayed.

  4. Select Memory reference.

    The memory list is displayed.

    Figure: Memory list screen

    1. Date and time of transaction and fax/telephone number

    2. Transaction number (TX/RX NO.)

      A transaction number from "0001" to "4999" indicates a document being sent.

      A transaction number from "5001" to "9999" indicates a document being received.

    3. Color is displayed for color transmission/reception. Nothing is displayed for black & white transmission/reception.

 If no document is stored in the printer's memory, There is no document in memory. is displayed. Select OK to return to the previous screen.

  1. Select a delete menu.

    • To specify a document to delete:

      Select a document to delete on the Memory list screen, select Delete specified doc..

       If the specified document is not stored in the printer's memory, There is no document that can be deleted. is displayed. Select OK to return to the previous screen.

      The confirmation screen is displayed.

      If you select Yes, the specified document is deleted from printer's memory.

    • To delete all documents stored in the printer's memory:

      Select Batch process, and then select Delete all documents.

      The confirmation screen is displayed.

      If you select Yes, all documents are deleted from printer's memory.

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