Check the Ink Level - TC-20 / TC-20M

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This article provides information on checking the ink level of the imagePROGRAF TC-20 / TC-20M.


Follow the steps below to check the remaining amount of ink on the touch screen.

  1. Select Lowercase i in circle (Information) on the HOME screen.

  2. Select Icon showing four ink droplets Estimated ink levels.

    The Current estimated ink levels screen is displayed.

    Current estimated ink levels screen

    When the ink level is low, Caution icon is displayed above the ink level on the touch screen, and No ink icon is displayed when ink runs out.

    Example of ink that is low and ink that is out

     When a message appears instructing you to check the remaining ink level, or when performing banner printing or head cleaning that consumes a large amount of ink, check the remaining ink level and refill ink as necessary.

     To ensure you receive premium print quality and to help protect your print head, a certain amount of ink remains in the ink tank when the printer indicates to refill the ink tank. The estimated page yields of the ink bottle do not include this amount.

     Ink flows from the ink tanks to the inside of the printer. Ink may seem to run out fast due to this procedure when you start using the printer or after transporting it.

     Select Ink model no. > Order ink now for information on where to purchase ink.

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