Specify the Cutting Method for Rolls - TC-20 / TC-20M

Article ID: ART181199 | Date published: 01/13/2023 | Date last updated: 04/28/2023


Learn how to specify the cutting method when using roll paper with the imagePROGRAF TC-20 / TC-20M.


How rolls are cut after ejection varies depending on printer settings.

  • Automatic cut

    The roll is automatically cut by the cutter blade.

    • Printer Setting

      Cutting mode > Automatic cut

  • Eject cut (when the paper surface is being scratched / to wait for ink to dry)

    Select this to move the cutter by operation panel operation and cut paper. With Automatic cut, the paper drops and may rub against the basket, resulting in damage to the print surface, but you can cut using this method and supporting the paper so that it does not drop to avoid damage to the paper. Also, you can prevent paper that has not dried from dropping by visually checking the ink has dried, and then cutting the paper.

    After printing is finished, select Cut paper to cut the roll.

    • Printer Setting

      Cutting mode > Eject cut

  • Set cut length (feeds and cuts paper rolls by a specified length)

    The roll paper is fed by the amount specified from the operational panel. The roll paper is always cut after being fed.

    Use this function when you want to cut the leading edge of the paper after the roll paper is loaded.

 For some paper types, the default Cutting mode may be set to something other Automatic cut. For this paper, we recommend keeping the preset cutting mode.

 If documents printed using Automatic cut or Eject cut are short, rolls are advanced a specific amount before cutting to prevent problems with cutting and paper ejection. This may create a wider bottom margin, in some cases.


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