Use the Desktop Basket - TC-20 / TC-20M

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This article provides information on using the BU-06 Desktop Basket for the imagePROGRAF TC-20 / TC-20M.


You can store printed documents in the basket.

When storing printed documents in the basket, use the basket in position (1).

When you are not using the basket, store it in position (2).

Use the basket in position (1), store it in position (2)


  • When storing printed documents on the basket, always use it in position (1). If you do not, printed documents may not be dropped into the basket, and the printed surface may become soiled.

  • Lift the left and right sides of the basket arm (A) evenly so that the front of the basket is horizontal.

    Lift the left and right sides of the basket arm (A) evenly so that the front of the basket is horizontal

  • The number of sheets that can be collected in the basket is one. If printing multiple pages, print after removing each sheet.

  • The basket can hold printed documents from paper up to 36.0 inches (914.4 mm) long.

  • Printed documents that are short in length relative to the roll paper width may not fall straight down and miss the basket. For short printed documents, it is recommended to use Eject cut.

  • If the cloth part of the basket becomes dirty, wipe off the dirt without washing. Washing it may affect the performance of the basket.

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