Print a Nozzle Check Pattern from a Mac - TC-20 / TC-20M

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Learn how to print a nozzle check pattern for the imagePROGRAF TC-20 / TC-20M from a Mac®.


The nozzle check function allows you to check whether the print head is working properly by printing a nozzle check pattern. Print the pattern if printing becomes faint, or if a specific color fails to print.

The procedure for printing a nozzle check pattern is as follows:

Nozzle Check

  1. Select Utilities from Remote UI.

  2. Click Nozzle Check.

    Before printing the nozzle check pattern, check the following items:

    Check that the printer power is on. Then open the Ink Tank Cover.
    Check the following items for each ink. Then, if necessary, perform a Nozzle Check.

  3. Click Yes.
    Printing of the nozzle check pattern begins.

  4. Check the print result.

    (A) As long as the horizontal lines are in line, and not missing, the nozzle is working normally.
    (B) Where the horizontal lines are not in line or are missing, the color nozzle is blocked.

    From the nozzle check pattern printing results, if it becomes patchy or there are areas that cannot be printed, clean the print heads from Cleaning.

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