Reset Printer Settings - TC-20 / TC-20M

Article ID: ART181219 | Date published: 01/17/2023 | Date last updated: 04/18/2023


Learn how to reset the settings of the imagePROGRAF TC-20 / TC-20M.


Reset settings

This item is displayed when you select Printer settings from Setup icon (cog) (Setup) on the HOME screen.

You can set the settings back to the default.

 The administrator password is required to change the settings if it is enabled to change the settings on the operation panel using the administrator password.

  • Web service setup only

    Sets the Web service settings back to the default.

  • LAN settings only

    Sets the LAN settings back to the default.

  • Settings only

    Returns the settings such as the paper size, media type, or other setting items back to the default. The LAN settings is not returned back to the default.

  • Reset paper settings for all paper

    Selecting Yes initializes each setting specified in Advanced paper settings.

    Entering the administrator password is required if it is enabled.

     When you set the paper settings back to the factory default, added or updated paper information using Media Configuration Tool is erased.

  • E-mail address book entries only (TC-20M only)

    Deletes all registered e-mail addresses.

  • Reset all

    Sets all settings you made to the printer back to the default. The administrator password specified by Remote UI or Wi-Fi Connection Assistant reverts to the default setting.

    After resetting, perform setup again as necessary.

     You cannot set the following setting items back to the default:

    • The language displayed on the touch screen

    • The current position of the print head

    • The cumulative usage count of this product registered in Usage stats.

    • CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for encryption method (SSL / TLS) setting

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