Adjust the Print Head Automatically to Straighten Lines and Colors - TC-20

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Learn how to automatically align the print head of the imagePROGRAF TC-20 to straighten lines and colors. If your prints are misaligned, a print head alignment may correct the problem.


If vertical lines on the printed document are misaligned or a color shift occurs, adjust the print head position.

When Print Head Alignment - Auto is performed, the adjustment pattern will be printed and the print head position is automatically adjusted based on the print result.

 Since the adjustment result depends on the type of paper, adjust with the paper used for printing.

 Paper with high transparency, and photo paper with a glossy finish cannot be used.

 If the remaining ink level is low, the print head alignment sheet will not be printed correctly. Refill the ink tanks whose ink is low.

 You will need a paper roll at least 11.69 in. (297.0 mm) wide.

 Make sure to match the paper loaded in the printer with the paper type setting in the printer. If the loaded paper is different from the paper type setting in the printer is different, the print head will not be adjusted correctly.

  1. Load paper.

  2. Select Setup icon (cog) (Setup) on the HOME screen.

  3. Select Maintenance icon (screwdriver and pliers) Maintenance.

  4. Select Print Head Alignment - Auto.

  5. Check the displayed message and select Yes.

    An adjustment pattern is printed and the print head position is automatically adjusted.

  6. When the completion message appears, select OK.

 If the print results are still not satisfactory after adjusting the print head position as described above, adjust the print head position manually.

 If adjusting the print head with special paper does not produce the expected results, try again with different paper, or manually adjust the print head.

 To print and check the current head position adjustment values, select Print the Head Alignment Value on the Maintenance screen.

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