IJ Scan Utility Lite (macOS) - Adjust Cropping Frames in the Image Stitch Window - G2270
Article ID: ART181408 | Date published: 02/07/2023 | Date last updated: 02/08/2023


This article explains how to adjust the cropping frames when stitching images using IJ Scan Utility Lite for macOS®.


"Cropping" is the act of selecting the area you want to keep in an image and discarding the rest when scanning it.

In the Image Stitch window, you can specify a cropping frame on the image displayed in the Preview area.


Initial Cropping Frame

No cropping frame is specified. When you select the Adjust cropping frames checkbox, an active cropping frame is automatically specified around the image in the Preview area. You can drag the cropping frame to specify the area.

When you perform a scan, the image in the area specified with the cropping frame will be scanned.


Adjusting a Cropping Frame

The cursor will change into Arrows (Arrow) when it is positioned over a cropping frame. Click and drag the mouse to expand or contract the cropping frame.

figure: Expansion or contraction of cropping frame

The cursor will change into Hand (Hand) when it is positioned within a cropping frame. Click and drag the mouse to move the entire cropping frame.

figure: Moving cropping frame


Deleting Cropping Frames

To delete the cropping frame, deselect the Adjust cropping frames checkbox.

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