How do I remove all onscreen displays and icons from the XA40 and XA45?

Article ID: ART181546 | Date published: 02/23/2023 | Date last updated: 02/23/2023


Please refer to the following proceedure to remove all onscreen displays and icons on the XA40 and XA45.


Repeatedly pressing the DISP button will turn onscreen displays on/off in the following sequence:

Camera Mode:
  • All displays on
  • Onscreen markers1
  • Displays off

Media Mode2:
  • Only data code on
  • All displays on

The onscreen markers will be displayed on when MENU > [Display Setup] > [Onscreen markers] is set to an option other than [Off]
2 Pressing the DISP button has the same effect as touching the screen. During single photo view and while playing back a clip, the playback controls are displayed only momentarily.

When the "Displays off" selection is active, the camera will still display the red Rec icon and/or the black Stop icon during standby.

To remove all displays from external screens connected to the camcorder, set MENU > [Display Setup] > [Output Onscreen Displays] to [Off].

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