Settings for Scanning from the Operation Panel - GX3020

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This article lists the settings that can be adjusted when scanning from the operation panel of the MAXIFY GX3020.


You can change the scan settings such as the scan size, resolution, or data format.

Figure: LCD

  • Scan size

    Select the size of the original.

  • Format

    Select the data format of the scanned data.

  • Scanning resolution

    Select the resolution for scanning.

  • Reduce show-thru

    Characters on the back may show through when scanning a thin document such as a newspaper. Select ON if characters seem to show through on the scanned document.

    This setting item is not available when Photo is selected for the document type.

  • Descreen

    A printout consists of minute dots to make characters or graphs. Interfering with each dot may result in uneven shades or a striped pattern. Select ON if you notice any uneven shades or a striped pattern on the scanned image.

    This setting item is not available when Photo is selected for the document type.

     Even if ON is selected for this setting, some moire effects may remain if Unsharp mask is set to ON. In that case, select OFF for Unsharp mask.

  • Unsharp mask

    The outline of small characters or thin objects such as a hair or leaves on a photo can be accentuated. Select ON if you want to accentuate the outline of the scanned data.

     For macOS, the unsharp mask function does not work even if you select ON.

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