IJ Scan Utility (Windows) - Main Screen - G3270
Article ID: ART181745 | Date published: 03/21/2023 | Date last updated: 03/21/2023


This article describes the main screen of IJ Scan Utility for Windows.


You can complete from scanning to saving at one time by simply clicking the corresponding icon.

 The displayed items vary depending on your model.

Settings icon Settings...

Displays the Settings dialog box in which you can specify the scan/save settings and the response after scanning.


Displays the name of the product that IJ Scan Utility is currently set to use.
If the displayed product is not the one you want to use, select the desired product from the list.
In addition, for network connection, select one with "Network" after the product name.

Help icon (Help)

Opens this guide.

Auto icon Auto

Detects the item type automatically and saves them to a computer. The data format for saving will also be set automatically.

Document icon Document

Scans items as documents and saves them to a computer.

Photo icon Photo

Scans items as photos and saves them to a computer.

Custom icon Custom

Scans items with your favorite settings and saves the images to a computer. The item type can be automatically detected.

E-mail icon E-mail

You can send scanned images via e-mail.

OCR icon OCR

Scan text in scanned magazines and newspapers and display it in a specified application.

Stitch icon Stitch

Displays the Image Stitch window in which you can scan the left and right halves of an item larger than the platen and combine the scanned images back into one image.

ScanGear icon ScanGear

Starts ScanGear (scanner driver) in which you can make image corrections and color adjustments when scanning.

PEF Editor icon PDF Editor

Displays the PDF edit screen for creating or editing PDF files.

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