Switching the feed and Eject Methods on my DR-M1060 / DR-M1060 II Scanner

Article ID: ART181784 | Date published: 03/28/2023 | Date last updated: 03/28/2023


Switch the feed and eject methods based on the type of document you are scanning.


The U-turn path is used when the straight path tray at the rear of the scanner is closed, and the straight path is used when it is opened.

Standard feeding is used when the feed selection lever at the front of the scanner is lowered, and non separation feeding is used when it is raised.

Standard feeding is used to feed documents one page at a time. Non separation feeding is used to feed bound or fastened multi-page documents or folded documents without separating them.

Feed and Eject Methods for Different Document Types
Document type Feed method Eject Method Remarks
 Plain paper Either Either  
 Business cards Either Straight path Place cards vertically
 Plastic cards Either Straight path Place cards vertically
 Thick paper Either  Straight path  
 Thin paper Either Either  
 Bound or fastened paper (e.g. invoices) Non separation feeding Either  
 Long documents Non separation feeding Either  
 Half-folded paper  Non separation feeding Either  

When scanning documents that contain both plain paper and plastic cards, place the cards at the top and use the straight path.

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