Placing cards on my DR-M1060 / DR-M1060 II Scanner
Article ID: ART181786 | Date published: 03/28/2023 | Date last updated: 03/28/2023


Follow the steps below to properly place your cards on the scanner.


  1. Set the feed selection lever to the standard feeding position (lower position).

  2. Open the document feed tray.

  3. Open the straight path tray.

    Open the straight path tray when scanning cards. Scanning with the U-turn path may damage the card.

  4. Adjust the document guides to fit the width of the card to be scanned.

  5. Place the card.
    Up to three non-embossed cards can be placed vertically at one time. Embossed cards must be placed one at a time and vertically.

  • Use the straight path when scanning cards.
  • Embossed or laminated cards may not be scanned correctly, depending on the card.
  • When scanning cards, clear the [Detect by Ultrasonic] check box in the [Feeding] tab on the scanner driver settings screen.