Serial Number Locations - imagePROGRAF TC-20 / TC-20M
Article ID: ART181820 | Date published: 03/30/2023 | Date last updated: 09/14/2023


There are a few areas where you can find the serial number for the imagePROGRAF TC-20 / TC-20M.


The serial number for the imagePROGRAF TC-20 / TC-20M can be found in multiple locations.

Printer's Touch Screen

  1. With the printer powered on, tap the Information  icon on the HOME screen.

  2. Tap  System information.

  3. The serial number will be shown on the screen.

    Figure: Serial number outlined in red

Network Settings Printout

The serial number is item 1-3 on the Network Settings Page.


On the Printer Body

The serial number can be found on the back of the printer. It is just above the power cord connector.

The serial number is on a white sticker above the power cord connector on the back of the printer

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