Names and Functions of Parts - DR-M140II

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Below is a list of the names and functions of the parts of the DR-M140II scanner.


Front View (With the Feed Tray Open)

  1. OPEN Lever
    Raise this to open the upper unit.
  2. Document Eject Extension Support
    Open this when scanning documents that are longer than 150 mm in length.
  3. Document Eject Tray / Upper Unit
    Scanned documents are output here.
    Open this when cleaning the inside of the scanner or replacing rollers.
  4. Document Feed Tray
    Place the document.
  5. Document Guides
    Align the document guides with both edges of the document to ensure that the document feeds straightly.
  6. Ventilation Holes
    These cool the interior of the scanner. Do not block the ventilation holes, as doing so might cause overheating.
  7. Operating Panel
    A range of scanning operations can be performed with this, such as starting and stopping scans, executing registered jobs, and canceling double feed detection.
  8. Power button
    Press this to turn on the scanner. The button remains lit while the power is on.
    Press and hold the button until the light goes out to turn off the scanner.
    The power button lights or flashes as follows depending on the scanner status.
     Power Button Indication  Description
     Lit  Power is on
     Flashing  Sleep mode
  9. Feed Selection Lever
    Use this to change the way documents are fed.
    Set this lever to the lower position when scanning documents consecutively.
    Set the lever to the upper position when scanning documents one page at a time or scanning multi-page documents that are fastened together.
  10. LED Indicator (Orange)
    This lights during non separation feeding mode.

Back View

  1. Theft Prevention Hole (Security Slot)
    Connect an anti-theft key chain or the like
  2. Straight Path Tray
    When using the straight path, scanned documents are output here.
  3. USB Connector
    Connect the supplied USB cable to this connector.
  4. Power Connector
    Connect the supplied AC adapter to this connector.


Operating Panel

  1. Job No. Indicator
    This displays the number of the job selected with the operating panel, errors, and other information.
  2. Job Select Button
    This selects registered jobs. Every time the button is pressed, the Job No. displayed in the Job No. Indicator changes..
  3. DFR (Double Feed Release) Button
    This is lit when a document double feed is detected. Pressing this button cancels the double feed detection function, allowing you to continue scanning.
  4. Stop Button
    This stops active jobs.
  5. Start Button
    This executes the job displayed in the Job No. indicator..

Displayed Error Codes
When a scanning error occurs, the following error codes are displayed in the Job No. indicator.
 : displayed when the upper unit is open.
 : displayed when a paper jab is detected.
 : displayed when a double feed is detected while scanning.
 : displayed when skewed documents, staples, or feed errors are detected.
 : displayed for other errors.

Other Displays
When the straight path tray is opened or closed, the eject method is displayed in the Job No. Indicator.
 : flashes during straight path mode.
 : animates during U-turn path mode.


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