Copy an ID Card to Fit onto a Single Page - TC-20M

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Learn how to copy both sides of an ID card to fit on to a single page with the imagePROGRAF TC-20M.


You can copy a card sized original such as an ID card onto a single sheet of paper consecutively.

ID card copy example

  1. Load paper.

  2. Select Copy on the HOME screen.

     If both roll paper and cut sheets are loaded, a screen will appear asking which one to use. Select Copy to cut sheet.

  3. Select ID card copy.

  4. Check the displayed message and select OK.

  5. On the Copy standby screen, specify settings as necessary.

    ID card copy standby screen

    1. The size and type of the loaded paper.

    2. Specify the number of copies.

      Specify the number of copies

      Select the numbers to specify the number of copies.

    3. The copy layout.

    4. Display the print setting items.

 If you select Preview in the print settings screen, you can check printing result of the front side.

  1. Press the Black  button or the Color  button.
  2. Load the original on the document platen (scanner glass).

    Follow the instructions to load the ID card on the document platen (scanner glass)

    Follow the on-screen instructions to load the original.

  3. Select Scan.

  4. Turn the original over and set it on the document platen.

    Follow the instructions to load the other side ID card on the document platen (scanner glass)

    Follow the on-screen instructions to load the original.

  5. Select OK.

 To cancel copying, press the Stop  button.


Using Preview Screen to Check Printing Result of Front Side

Selecting Preview in the print setting screen displays how to load the original. Loading the original following the on-screen instructions and selecting Scan displays the preview screen to check the printing result of the front side.

Preview of scanned image

Selecting OK on the preview screen returns to print settings screen.

Pressing the Color  button or Black  button starts scanning the front side.

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