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Learn how to use the imagePROGRAF TC-20M to print PDF files stored on a USB flash drive.


You can print the following PDF files (Extension: .pdf) using the operation panel of the printer.

 Information on PDF files you cannot print using the operation panel can be found below.

Follow the procedure below to print a PDF file.

  1. Load rolls or sheets of paper into the printer.

  2. Insert a USB flash drive into the USB flash drive port.

  3. Select Others icon Others on the HOME screen.

  4. Select Print from icon Print from.

  5. Select Print from USB flash drive icon Print from USB flash drive.

    The document list is displayed.

     If both photo files and PDF files are saved on the USB flash drive, the confirmation screen to select which file you print is displayed. Select Print documents in the displayed screen.

  6. Select a document to print.

    File name list

    figure: Touch screen

    Preview display

    figure: Touch screen

    1. Flick vertically to display the name of documents and select document to print.

    2. Select to switch to the preview display.

    3. Flick to display document preview and select document to print.

    4. Select to switch to the file name list.

    5. Select to display the Details screen.


  • File names may not be displayed properly on the document list if the file name is long or includes incompatible characters.

  • On the preview screen, the first page of each PDF file is displayed on the touch screen. Also, if a document is in landscape format, it will be displayed rotated by 90 degrees.

  • For some PDF files, it may take longer to display the preview or part of the preview may be cropped.

  • The name of the PDF files is displayed even though the PDF files cannot be printed using the operation panel of the printer. If one of the following conditions is applicable to the PDF files, they are not printable.

    • PDF files saved using application software other than Canon IJ Scan Utility

    • PDF files for which the preview screen is not available ("?" is displayed on the preview screen.)

  • We recommend you display the Details screen and make sure whether a PDF file is printable. If one of the following conditions is applicable to the PDF file, it is not printable.

    • Information on the Details screen cannot be displayed.

    • Characters other than the printer name or IJ Scan Utility are displayed on  .

  • The PDF files made using application software other than Canon IJ Scan Utility are not printable even if they are saved using Canon IJ Scan Utility.

  1. Specify settings as necessary.

    figure: Touch screen


    Specify the number of copies.

    Paper src

    Select the paper source.

    Page size

    Select the paper size of the loaded paper.

    Type (Media type)

    The paper type is set to Plain paper.

    Print qlty (Print quality)

    Specify the print quality.

  2. Press the Black  button or the Color  button.

    The printer starts printing.

 You can print up to 250 pages at a time. If you try to print more than 250 pages of a PDF file, The specified PDF file contains too many pages. The pages exceeding the number of printable pages will not be printed. Continue? is displayed on the touch screen. To start printing, select Yes. If you need to print more than 250 pages of a PDF file, print them from a computer.

 Depending on the PDF file, it may be printed rotated by 90 degrees.

 If the document size is larger than the page size specified on the printer, the document will be printed at a reduced size. In this case, thin lines on the document may not be printed or images may be misaligned.


PDF Files You Cannot Print

You cannot print the following PDF files even though the name of the PDF files is displayed on the list.

  • Files scanned using the operation panel of the printer and saved on a USB flash drive with Format set to other than PDF or Compact PDF
  • Files made using Canon IJ Scan Utility and one of the following conditions is applied

    -Encrypted data

    -Data more than 2 GB

    -Data including images scanned at 9601 pixels or more in the vertical and horizontal directions

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.

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