How to enable Skew Detection on my DR-M140II Scanner
Article ID: ART181879 | Date published: 04/13/2023 | Date last updated: 04/13/2023


The DR-M140II scanner includes a function that can detect when a document has been fed at a slant (skewed). When this function is used, the scanner will stop a scanning operation automatically when it detects a skewed document that exceeds a fixed angle, thereby preventing damage to the document. In addition to skewed documents, this function also detects stapled documents.


To use the skew detection function, open the scanner driver settings screen and enable the skew detection function beforehand.
  1. Open the scanner driver's Detail Settings screen.

  2. Click the [Error Detection] tab.

  3. Select the [Skew Detection] check box.

  4. Click the [OK] button and close the settings screen.

  5. Properly place the document in the scanner.

    When this function is enabled, small documents and documents that have been placed to the left or right of the center of the feed inlet may be detected as skewed, and the scanning operation may stop. Place documents in the center of the feed inlet, or disable the skew detection function.