How do I scan from the scanner's Touch Panel on my DR-S150 Scanner

Article ID: ART181889 | Date published: 04/20/2023 | Date last updated: 10/31/2023


You can copy a job registered in the CaptureOnTouch Job Tool to the scanner and you can scan documents to those scan job settings by operating the scanner touch panel.

No smart device or computer is required when scanning documents using this method.


  1. Start the CaptureOnTouch Job Tool.
    The [Scan from app job] screen appears.

    When using a smart device, you can change the screen displayed at startup by tapping  and selecting [Initial screen setting].

  2. Select the scanner.

  3. Tap/click , or tap/click  - [Copy job registration settings].

  4. Enter the administrator password.
    Enter the same password as for the Web menu.

  5. Tap/click [OK].

    The maximum number of jobs that can be copied is 99.

  6. Tap  (Shared Folder) on the scanner touch panel home screen.
    The jobs registered in the scanner are displayed.

  7. Tap the job you want to execute.

  8. Tap  (Start).
    Scanning starts.

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