EOS R3: Optical Viewfinder Simulation

Article ID: ART182013 | Date published: 05/11/2023 | Date last updated: 08/31/2023


Optical Viewfinder Simulation



Optical Viewfinder Simulation

Natural-looking viewfinder and screen display, resembling the view from an optical viewfinder, is available in still photo shooting. Note that images displayed with this feature set to [On] may differ from actual shooting results.

  1. Select [Shooting: OVF sim. view assist].

  2. Select an option.


  • Setting this feature to [On] sets [Shooting: Display simulation] to [Disable].
  • Optical viewfinder simulation is used for display when this feature is set to [On] in HDR shooting.
  • Optical viewfinder simulation is not used during display to external monitors, including in display to both an external monitor and the camera screen.
  • Depending on setting screens, optical viewfinder simulation may not be used for display.
  • Display may not resemble an optical viewfinder in some cases.
  • The display appearance may change during continuous shooting, with some combinations of drive and shutter modes.


  • Not available when the camera is set to shoot multiple exposures.




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