EOS R3: Power Saving

Article ID: ART182024 | Date published: 05/11/2023 | Date last updated: 08/31/2023


Power Saving



Power Saving

You can adjust the timing of when the screen dims and then turns off, when the camera turns off, and when the viewfinder turns off after the camera is left idle (Screen dimmer, Screen off, Auto power off, and Viewfinder off).

  1. Select [Set-up: Power saving].

  2. Select an option.


  • [Screen dimmer] and [Screen off] apply while the shooting screen is displayed. These settings do not apply during menu display or image playback.
  • The camera turns off during menu display or image playback after the time set in [Screen dimmer], [Screen off], and [Auto power off] elapses.
  • To protect the screen, the camera turns off the screen 30 min. after it is dimmed (although the camera itself remains on), even if [Screen off] and [Auto power off] are set to [Disable].
  • [Viewfinder off] also applies while the screen is still on. After this time elapses, the viewfinder sensor is deactivated.
  • Only [Viewfinder off] applies during viewfinder display. After this time elapses, the viewfinder sensor is deactivated and the viewfinder turns off.
  • Images on the screen are displayed at a lower frame rate after the screen dims during still photo shooting standby.
  • Auto power off does not take effect while the camera is connected via USB or Mobile File Transfer.




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