EOS R3: Adding Orientation Information to Movies

Article ID: ART182098 | Date published: 05/11/2023 | Date last updated: 08/30/2023


Adding Orientation Information to Movies



Adding Orientation Information to Movies

For movies recorded with the camera held vertically, orientation information indicating which side is up can be added automatically to enable playback in the same orientation on smartphones or other devices.

  1. Select [Set-up: Add Movie rotate info].

  2. Select an option.

    • Enable

      Play movies on smartphones or other devices in the orientation in which they were recorded.

    • Disable

      Play movies horizontally on smartphones or other devices, regardless of the recording orientation.


  • [Add Movie rotate info] is not available for RAW or MP4 files when the movie recording format is RAW or RAW+MP4.
  • Movies are played horizontally on the camera and via HDMI video output, regardless of this setting.




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