EOS R10: Quick Start Guide

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Quick Start Guide



Quick Start Guide

  1. Insert the battery ().

    • Upon purchase, charge the battery to start using ().
  2. Insert the card ().

    • Insert the card with the label facing the back of the camera until it clicks into place.
  3. Attach the lens ().

    • Align the red mount index on the lens with the red mount index on the camera to attach the lens.
  4. Set the focus mode to AF ().

  5. Set the power switch to ON, then set the Mode dial to Scene Intelligent Auto (, ).

    • All the necessary camera settings is set automatically.
  6. Flip out the screen ().

    • When the date/time/zone setting screen is displayed, see Date/Time/Zone.
  7. Focus on the subject ().

    • A tracking frame [Tracking frame] for AF appears over any face detected.
    • Press the shutter button halfway, and the camera will focus on the subject.
    • If Flash blinks on the screen, manually raise the built-in flash.
  8. Take the picture ().

    • Press the shutter button completely to take the picture.
  9. Review the picture.

    • The image just captured will be displayed for approx. 2 sec. on the screen.
    • To display the image again, press the Playback button ().




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