EOS R10: Turning on the Power

Article ID: ART182653 | Date published: 05/11/2023 | Date last updated: 08/30/2023


Turning on the Power



Turning on the Power

  • Power on

    The camera turns on. You can now shoot still photos and record movies.

  • Power off

    The camera is turned off and does not function. Set the power switch to this position when not using the camera.


  • If you set the power switch to Power off while an image is being recorded to the card, [Saving...] will be displayed and the power will turn off after the recording finishes.

Setting the Date, Time, and Time Zone

If you turn on the camera and the date/time/zone setting screen appears, see Date/Time/Zone to set the date/time/zone.

Changing the Interface Language

To change the interface language, see Language.

Automatic Sensor Cleaning

  • Whenever the power switch is set to Power off, the sensor is cleaned automatically (which may make a faint sound). During the sensor cleaning, the screen will display [Clean now]. To enable automatic sensor cleaning when the power switch is set to Power on as well, you can set this in [Set-up: Sensor cleaning] ().
  • If you repeatedly turn the power switch to Power on or Power off within a short time period, the [Clean now] icon may not be displayed, but this does not indicate the camera is malfunctioning.

Battery Level Indicator

When the power switch is set to Power on, the battery level will be indicated.

Battery level 3 Battery level is sufficient.
Battery level 2 Battery level is low, but the camera can still be used.
Battery level 1 Battery will be exhausted soon (blinks).
Battery level 0 Charge the battery.


  • Doing any of the following will exhaust the battery faster:
    • Pressing the shutter button halfway for a prolonged period.
    • Activating the AF frequently without taking a picture.
    • Using Image Stabilizer.
    • Using the Wi-Fi function or Bluetooth function.
    • Using the screen frequently.
    • Using accessories compatible with the multi-function shoe.
  • The number of available shots may decrease depending on the actual shooting conditions.
  • Lens operations are powered by the camera's battery. Certain lenses may exhaust the battery faster than others.
  • See [Set-up: Battery info.] to check the battery status ().
  • In low ambient temperatures, shooting may not be possible even with a sufficient battery level.




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