EOS R10: Movie Playback

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Movie Playback



Movie Playback

  1. Switch to playback.

    • Press the Playback button.
  2. Select a movie.

    • Turn the Quick control dial dial to select a movie to play.
    • In single-image display, the [SET buttonMovie files] icon displayed in the upper left of the screen indicates a movie.
    • In index display, perforations at the left edge of a thumbnail indicate a movie. Movies cannot be played from index display, so press the Quick Control/Set button to switch to single-image display.
  3. In single-image display, press the Quick Control/Set button.

  4. Select [].

    • The movie will start playing back. Sound is played through the speaker (1).
    • You can pause playback and access the movie playback panel by pressing the Quick Control/Set button (). Press it again to resume the playback.
    • Press the Up key Down key keys to adjust the volume (even during playback).

Movie playback panel

Item Playback Operations
Playback Pressing the Quick Control/Set button toggles between playing movies and stopping playback.
Skip backward Skips backward approx. 1 sec. each time you press Left key. Holding Left key down will rewind the movie.
Previous frame Displays the previous frame each time you turn the Main dial dial left.
Next frame Displays the next frame each time you turn the Main dial dial right.
Skip forward Skips forward approx. 1 sec. each time you press Right key. Holding Right key down will fast forward the movie.
Playback position
hh:mm:ss Playback time (hours:minutes:seconds, when [Movie play count] is set to [Rec time])

hh:mm:ss.ff (DF)

hh:mm:ss:ff (NDF)

Time code (hours:minutes:seconds:frames, when [Movie play count] is set to [Time code])
Volume Press the Up key Down key keys to adjust the volume of the speaker () or headphones.
Press the AF point selection button to go to the next screen ().
Return Press the MENU button to return to single-image display.

Controls not on the previous screen are as follows.

Item Playback Operations
Edit Displays the editing screen ().
Slow motion Adjust the slow motion speed by turning the Quick control dial dial. The slow motion speed is indicated in the upper right of the screen.
Frame Grab Available when you play 4K movies. Enables you to extract the current frame and save it as a JPEG or HEIF still image ().
Return Press the MENU button to return to the previous screen.


  • Adjust the volume using television controls when the camera is connected to a television for movie playback (), because volume cannot be adjusted by pressing the Up key Down key keys.
  • Movie playback may stop if the card's read speed is too slow or movie files have corrupted frames.




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