EOS R10: Color Space

Article ID: ART182686 | Date published: 05/11/2023 | Date last updated: 08/30/2023


Color Space



Color Space

The range of reproducible colors is called the “color space.” For normal shooting, sRGB is recommended.

In Basic Zone, [sRGB] is set automatically.

  1. Select [Shooting: Color space].

  2. Set a color space option.

    • Select [sRGB] or [Adobe RGB], then press the Quick Control/Set button.

Adobe RGB

This color space is mainly used for commercial printing and other professional applications. Recommended when using equipment such as Adobe RGB-compatible monitors or DCF 2.0 (Exif 2.21 or later) compatible printers.


  • File names of still photos shot in the Adobe RGB color space begin with “_”.
  • The ICC profile is not appended. For the descriptions about the ICC profile, refer to the Digital Photo Professional Instruction Manual (EOS software).




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