EOS R10: Shooting Creative Filters

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Shooting Creative Filters



Shooting Creative Filters

In Creative filters (creative filters) mode, you can record movies with one of five filter effects applied: Dream, Old movies, Memory, Dramatic B&W, or Miniature effect movies.

Recording size can be set to Full HD/Full HD (NTSC) or Full HD (PAL).

  1. Select [Shooting: Shooting creative filters].

  2. Select a filter effect.

    • Turn the Main dial dial to select a filter effect ().
    • For Miniature effect movies, move the AF point to the position to focus on. Move the scene frame if the AF point is outside of it, so that the AF point is aligned with it.
  3. Adjust the filter effect level.

    • Press the INFO button.
    • Turn the Main dial dial to select a filter effect level, then press the Quick Control/Set button.
    • When setting up miniature effect movies, select the playback speed.
  4. Take the picture.


  • A magnified view is not available.
  • No histogram is displayed.
  • Subjects such as the sky or white walls may not be rendered with smooth gradation and may have noise or irregular exposure or colors.

Creative Filter Characteristics

  • Dream Dream

    Applies a soft, dreamy, otherworldly appearance. Gives the movie a soft look overall, blurring the periphery of the screen. You can adjust the blurry areas along the screen edges.

  • Old movies Old movies

    Creates an atmosphere like an old film by adding wavering, scratches, and flickering effects to the image. The top and bottom of the screen are masked in black. You can modify the wavering and scratch effects by adjusting the filter effect.

  • Memory Memory

    Creates the atmosphere of a distant memory. Gives the movie a soft look overall, reducing brightness of the periphery of the screen. You can modify the overall saturation and the dark areas along the screen edges by adjusting the filter effect.

  • Dramatic B&W Dramatic B&W

    Creates an atmosphere of dramatic realism with high-contrast black and white. You can adjust the graininess and black-and-white effect.

  • Miniature effect movies Miniature effect movies

    You can record movies with a miniature (diorama) effect. Select the playback speed and record.

    Shooting under the default setting will keep the center looking sharp.

    To move the area that looks sharp (the scene frame), see “Adjusting the Miniature Effect” (). 1-point AF is used as the AF area. Shooting with the AF point and scene frame aligned is recommended. The AF point and scene frame are hidden during recording.

    In step 5, set the playback speed to [5x], [10x], or [20x] before recording.

Speed and playback time (for a 1-minute movie)

Speed Playback Time
5x Approx. 12 sec.
10x Approx. 6 sec.
20x Approx. 3 sec.


  • [Miniature effect movies] (Miniature effect movies)

  • Sound is not recorded.
  • Movie Servo AF is disabled.
  • Editing is not available for miniature effect movies with a playback time less than 1 sec. ().




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