Ink Flush Procedure - GX6020 /GX6021 / GX7020 \ GX7020X \ GX7021

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How to perform the Ink Flush for a GX6020 /GX6021 / GX7020 \ GX7020X \ GX7021.


Ink Flush Procedure - G6020
 Ink flush consumes a great amount of ink. Frequent ink flush can rapidly consume ink, so perform ink flush only when necessary.

 Before performing ink flush, check the remaining ink level of all colors. If the remaining ink level is below the single dot (A), refill the ink tank of corresponding color.

When performing an ink flush, check the free space of the maintenance cartridge. Ink flush consumes a lot of ink, and the consumed ink is discharged to the maintenance cartridge. If the free space is low, replace it with a new maintenance cartridge. If the available capacity of the maintenance cartridge is low, a message is displayed and ink flush cannot be performed.

Ink Flush Procedure

  1. Make sure printer is turned on.
  2. Select (Setup) on HOME screen.
    Using Touch Screen
    The Setup menu screen appears.

    If User management settings is enabled, the user selection screen is displayed before the HOME screen is displayed.
  3. Select  (Maintenance).
  4. Select Ink Flush.
  5. Select All colorsColor or BK.
  6. Check displayed message and select OK.
  7. Check displayed message and select Yes.
  8. Check displayed message and select Yes.
    The Ink flush process begins.
 Do not perform any operations while ink flush is in progress. It takes approximately eight minutes to complete.

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