Headers, Footers are upside down when using Professional Print & Layout (PRO Series, GP Series)

Article ID: ART183617 | Date published: 06/26/2023 | Date last updated: 06/29/2023


When using Professional Print & Layout (version 1.3.6 or later for Windows and Mac), text information such as a header, footer, or photo information can be inserted in an image. However, they may be displayed upside down depending on the position of the header or footer (the long edge or short edge) as well as the orientation of the image.

The phenomenon is one of the limitations as per the Header/Footer Position specification.

Header/Footer Position Specification
The header/footer is rotated accordingly to the specifications below, and it is also applied to the photo information.
  • From "Long edge" to "Short Edge" - Rotates 90 degrees to the left
  • From "Short edge" to "Long Edge" - Rotates 90 degrees to the right
Therefore, the phenomenon may occur depending on the number of images placed on one page or the orientation of each image.


  1. From Edit, select [Select all slots].
  2. From Edit, select [Rotate Right] two times.

In addition to the header, footer, and photo information, the images will turn upside down, resulting in the proper printouts.

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