Printer Settings: Print Settings - TR7820

Article ID: ART184179 | Date published: 10/12/2023 | Date last updated: 10/12/2023


This article provides information on print settings of the PIXMA TR7820 that can be adjusted from the operation panel.


Select this setting item from Printer settings in Setup icon (gear) (Setup).

  • Prevent paper abrasion

    Use this setting only if the print surface becomes smudged.

     Be sure to set this back to OFF after printing since it may result in lower printing speed or lower print quality.

  • Amount of extension

    Selects the amount of image that extends off the paper when printing in borderless (full).

    When performing Borderless Printing, slight cropping may occur at the edges since the printed image is enlarged to fill the whole page. You can change the width to be cropped from the borders of the original image as needed.

     Settings will become ineffective in the following situations:

    • Printing from a standard form.

     When performing settings from application software or the printer driver, these settings will be prioritized.

     If printouts contain margins even though you are printing in Borderless, specifying Extended amount: Large for this setting may help solve the problem.

  • Auto photo fix settings

    When ON is selected, the Exif information recorded in the images is given preference for printing.
  • Adjust horizontal print position

    Adjusts the print position when the left / right margins are not aligned.

    You can adjust the left / right margins in increments of 0.004 in. (0.1 mm) between -0.12 in. (-3 mm) and +0.12 in. (+3 mm) centered on the horizontal center of the paper.

     When using A4 / Letter sized paper, the amount of adjustment that can be made is limited. You cannot make adjustments greater than this limit.

  • Print charts and diagrams vividly

    Use this setting when you want to print charts and diagrams in documents vividly on plain paper.

    This feature gives preference to printer driver settings.

    When you want to give preference to printer settings, select Use Printer Settings in the Print charts and diagrams in documents more vividly (plain paper) in the Print Options dialog box in the printer driver settings.

     This feature will be implemented with the following settings.

    • Plain paper

    • Color printing

    • Size is a template size or a user-defined size within the range of a template size

      * The feature may not be implemented even when the above settings are selected, depending on other setting details.

 ‚ÄčProcessing may differ depending on settings and may result in the same data having different tones. Turn this setting OFF if you want to avoid differences in tone.

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