What are the Image Processing functions of my DR-S250N scanner?

Article ID: ART184416 | Date published: 10/31/2023 | Date last updated: 10/31/2023


The Image Processing functions of the DR-S250N scanner are described below.


  • Color Emphasis Function
    Creates a black and white or grayscale image that emphasizes a specific color (red, blue, or green) or a chromatic color. This is useful when you want to emphasize notes written with a marker or a faint imprint. You can specify only one color when specifying a specific color, but if you select a chromatic color, it can handle multiple colors in the document or different colors in each document.
  • Color Drop-Out Function
    Creates a black and white or grayscale image that removes a specific color (red, blue, or green) or a chromatic color. This is convenient when you want to scan ledgers or other documents with colored ruled lines.
  • Document with Photo Mode
    When you scan a document with both photos and characters, this mode can maintain high reproduction of both characters and photos.
    It can beautifully scan application forms with a face photo attached, for example.
  • Folio Scan and Front/Back Combination Function
    Documents that are too large to fit in the feeder inlet can be folded and scanned on both sides, with the images then combined into a single image.
    The method for combining images can also be set, so that you can also combine the front and back of the document. You can combine the front and back of a card or postcard placed horizontally to create a single easy-to-view image.
  • Noise Reduction
    Reduces the noise in the image, making it easier to see and also allowing you to output images with a restrained file size.
  • MultiStream 
    With applications that support the scanner’s MultiStream capability, three images with different scanning conditions are created from a single scan pass. However, this function is only available when using software that supports MultiStream.
  • Barcode Detection 
    Can detect barcodes within the document. Also, by using CaptureOnTouch, you can detect barcodes/2D codes included in the document and split the file.
  • Patchcode Detection
    Patchcode sheets can be inserted in the document stack to perform batch separation.
  •  1200 dpi Support
    Supports output up to 1200 dpi.
    * 1200 dpi images are generated from 600 dpi ones.

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