How do I scan folded documents (folio scan) on my DR-S250N scanner?

Article ID: ART184456 | Date published: 11/07/2023 | Date last updated: 11/07/2023


Folio Scan enables you to scan documents that are larger than A4/ LTR and therefore do not fit in the feeder. To use the function, fold the document in half lengthwise and place it into the feeder. The scanner will scan both sides and combine the scanned images into a single image.


  1. Pull out the document eject tray.

    The document eject tray can be adjusted to 3 lengths. Pull out the document eject tray according to the length of the document. Also, erect the document eject stopper on the front edge if necessary.
    Pull the document eject tray forward according to the various lengths.

    When scanning multiple documents of varying sizes at one time, pulling out and lifting up the document eject tray locks the angle of the tray, so the documents ejected onto the tray are aligned.

  2. Pull out the feed support.
    Open the feed extension support when placing long documents

  3. Set the feed selection lever to Bypass mode.

  4. Fold the document in half.
    Crease the document firmly down its center to fold the document in half. Fold the document so that its edges are neatly aligned. If the document is not folded properly, paper jams may occur or distortions may appear in the combined scanned image.

    A portion of the scanned image will be missing at the fold line.
  5.  Place the document with the folded edge facing right and the top edge facing downward.

    Adjust the document guides to fit the width of the document. Otherwise, the image may scan as skewed or shifted.

    •  You can set how to combine the front and the back according to how the document is folded. For details, refer to the Help of the scanner driver.
    •  The maximum size for the combined image is A2. Use this method to scan A2-sized documents.
    •  Set [Page Size] to half the size of the paper you are actually going to scan on the scanner driver settings screen. When scanning a folded document of a size other than the standard format, set [Page Size] to [Match original size] (Windows)/ [Detect automatically] (macOS). For details, refer to the Help of the scanner driver.

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