Error Codes for the DR-G2090, G2110, and G2140 scanners

Article ID: ART184542 | Date published: 11/30/2023 | Date last updated: 11/30/2023


When an error occurs in the scanner, you will see the following error message on the display panel.


 Error Message  Error Description
 Error [P***]  Paper jammed in scanner
 Error [C***]  Scanner cover is open
 Error [J***]  Paper feed error detected
 Error [J***]  A document was skewed
 Error [D***]  A double paper-feed has occured
 Error [J***]  Staple was detected
 Error [J***]  Dust was detected
 Error [U***]  The count does not match
 Error [E***]  Scanner hardware problem

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