Activate an eCarePAK
Article ID: ART184585 | Date published: 02/01/2024 | Date last updated: 02/01/2024


This article shows how to activate an eCarePAK for your Canon product.


If you have purchased a Canon product and an eCarePAK, follow the steps below to activate the CarePAK.

  1. Sign into your MyCanon Account.

  2. After signing in, click your name at the upper right part of the window, then select My Account.

  3. Select CarePAK Activation in the menu bar.

    Click CarePAK Activation (outlined in red)

  4. Go to the email inbox where your CarePAK activation code was sent.

     Search for the email name IMPORTANT: Activate Your Canon CarePAK Today that was sent on the date which the CarePAK was purchased.

    Copy the code from that email.

    Copy the Activation Code (outlined in red)

    Enter this code into the field on the MyCanon Account page.

    Enter the code in the field on the MyCanon Account site (outlined in red)

  5. After pasting the code into the entry field, select Go.

  6. Select the product that the CarePAK belongs to.

    Select the product that the CarePAK belongs to

  7. After confirming the activation, this will complete the CarePAK activation process.

    The CarePAK activation code and expiration date will be shown (outlined in red)

For support and service options, sign into (or create) your Canon Account from the link below.
My Canon Account