CarePAK Plus One-time Ownership-Transfer Request
Article ID: ART184603 | Date published: 02/26/2024 | Date last updated: 02/26/2024


Learn how to initiate a one-time transfer-of-ownership request for your Canon CarePAK Plus.


An original Canon CarePAK Plus purchaser may transfer their Canon CarePAK Plus agreement one time during the lifetime of their Canon CarePAK Plus. The original owner must provide (via email):

A copy of the original product purchase receipt

The CarePAK Plus agreement number

Product model number

Serial number

Contact information for new owner, including:

First and Last Name
Physical Mailing Address
Telephone Number
Email Address

The written request and required information must be emailed to with the subject line "CarePAK Ownership Transfer Request". Please allow up to five business days for review and processing. Incorrect or missing information may delay your transfer request.

For full terms and conditions, please see the Transferability section of the CarePAK Plus coverage agreement located here.

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