Connecting a Mobile Device Directly to the Machine (Direct Connection) 5 inch touch screen

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Connect a mobile device directly to the machine via Wi-Fi. You can directly connect it to the machine without using wireless LAN. You must manually connect the mobile device each time you use the machine.
By default, only one mobile device can be directly connected to the machine at any one time.


Required Preperations for Direct Connection
  • Enable the Direct Connection function on the machine.
    • This setting is located under Menu ->Network -> Direct Connection Settings ->Use Direct Connect->On
  • To connect by scanning the QR code, install Canon Print Business on the mobile device.
1. On the operation panel, press Mobile Portal  on the home screen.

2. On the Direct Connection tab press Connect.

The machine enters waiting state for Direct Connection.
Within 5 minutes of pressing [Connect], you must directly connect the mobile device.

3. Directly connect the mobile device.
Manually configuring the Wi-Fi Settings
1. Check the SSID and network key of the machine displayed on the Direct Connection tab.

2. In the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile device, select the SSID of the machine, and enter the network key.

For details about how to configure the Wi-Fi settings, see the manual of the mobile device.

Scanning QR Codes with Canon PRINT Business
1. On the Direct Conecction tab, press QR Code.
A QR code is displayed

2. On the mobile device, start CANON PRINT BUSINESS, and scan the QR code.
4. When Connected apears on the operation panel, press Close.

5. When you have completed your operations on the mobile device, press Disconnect on the Direct Connection tab.

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