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Article ID: ART184626 | Date published: 03/22/2024 | Date last updated: 03/22/2024


CaptureOnTouch supplies output methods other than [Save to folder] as plugins.
By installing the plug-ins, you can use various services such as printing the scanned image or attaching it in an email.

Follow the steps below to set the index file.


To set the index file, click on the [Index] tab and choose the settings you would like.

Select Stream
When [Use MultiStream] is enabled in the scanner driver, [Select a stream] is displayed.

Page Index
Outputs the page index.
When you click the [Output settings] button, you can set the page index.

Document Index
Outputs the document index.
When you click [Output settings] button, you can set the document index.

Barcode / OCR settings
Set the barcode / OCR to recognize the text.
When you click the [Area setting] button, a barcode / OCR settings dialog box will be opened.

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