Unable to use Airprint on iOS 17 or later (Firmware Update) imageCLASS

Article ID: ART184736 | Date published: 05/08/2024 | Date last updated: 06/06/2024


This article provides links to firmware updates to resolve an issue on some imageCLASS devices on iOS17 or later

The models covered by this article and included firmware.
  • MF249dw/ MF247dw/ MF244dw
  • MF236n/ MF232w
  • D570
  • LBP162dw
  • MF113w
  • LBP113w
  • MF269dw/ MF269dw VP/ MF267dw/ MF264dw 


The download firmware listed below or any version after includes the fix. Links are provided for Mac and Windows downloads, instructions are included in the downloads for each firmware. Instructions are also attached to this article. You will need your serial number to start the download.

MF249dw/ MF247dw/ MF244dw/ MF236n/ MF232w/ D570 Firmware Update Tool V22.11  
LBP162dw Firmware Update Tool V36.04 
MF113w Firmware Update Tool V35.08 
LBP113w Firmware Update Tool V35.06 
MF269dw/ MF269dw VP/ MF267dw/ MF264dw Firmware Update Tool V36.03 
To update the firmware using these files the machine will need to be in download mode. Below are instructions to enter download mode/
Press Menu->Select System Settings->Update Firmware->Via PC->Yes. 
If you have a touch screen unit (MF269dw, MF267dw) simply press on the display on the options above. On all other models use the arrow keys to select the options and press OK to make the selection.

The machine will restart in download mode. Refer to the attached PDF to run the firmware on Mac and Windows.​

If you machine is connected to the internet via a network connection you can also update the firmware directly from the device without downloading the files. To do the firmware update this way use the following Press Menu> System Management Settings> Update Firware> Via Interntet


285K • < 1 minute @ 56k, < 1 minute @ broadband

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