What Kind or Size of Paper Can Be Used? (SELPHY CP910)

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  • Always use the paper specific to SELPHY CP series printers included in the genuine Canon brand [Color Ink Cassette / Paper Set]. Use only dedicated paper. Regular printing paper, regular postcards, or paper specified for use in SELPHY ES series printers cannot be used.
  • The paper and ink are sold only in sets and they cannot be purchased separately.
  • Some accessories may not be available in some regions.



About the [Color Ink Cassette / Paper Set] available for this printer.



Paper Size
Number of Possible Prints
Product Name
An ink cassette and paper sheets are included in the box in sets. For printing, use the paper and ink cassette included in the box.
An ink cassette can make the same number of prints as the number of sheets of paper included in the box.



The following [Color Ink Cassette / Paper Set] are available (other types cannot be used) for this printer.
Product Name Paper Size Print Size Number of Possible Prints Necessary Paper Cassette
Borderless Bordered*1
Color Ink / Paper Set KL-36IP L Size 89.0 x 119.0 mm (3.50 x 4.69 in.) 79.1 x 105.1 mm
(3.11 x 4.14 in.)
36 [Paper Cassette PCP-CP400] (Included with SELPHY)
Color Ink / Paper Set KL-36IP 3-pack 108
Color Ink / Paper Set KP-36IP
Postcard Size 100.0 x 148.0 mm (3.94 x 5.83 in.) 91.3 x 121.7 mm
(3.59 x 4.79)
36 [Paper Cassette PCPL-CP400]*2
Color Ink / Paper Set RP-54
(Photo Paper)
Color Ink / Paper Set RP-108
(Photo Paper)
Color Ink / Paper Set RP-1080V
(Photo Paper)
Color Ink / Paper Set KP-72IN
(Photo Paper)
Color Ink / Paper Set KP-108IN
(Photo Paper)
Color Ink / Paper Set KC-36IP Card Size 54.0 x 86.0 mm (2.13 x 3.39 in.) 49.9 x 66.6 mm
(1.96 x 2.62)
36 [Paper Cassette PCC-CP400]*2
Color Ink / Label Set KC-18IF
(Full-Page Label)
Color Ink / Label Set KC-18IL
(8 Labels per Page)
22.0 x 17.3 mm (0.87 x 0.68 in.) - 18
Color Ink / Label Set KC-18IS
(Square Labels)
50.0 x 50.0 mm(1.97 x 1.97 in.) - 18
*1 The aspect ratio for bordered prints depends on the original aspect ratio of the image.
*2 Purchase with the Color Ink / Paper Set.
Accessory availability varies by region.




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