What is CaptureOnTouch?

Article ID: FAQ100103 | Date published: 05/29/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


What is CaptureOnTouch?

CaptureOnTouch is a scanning application that enables you to scan a document with a simple operation merely by selecting the screen panel.
CaptureOnTouch is provided with multiple scanning methods that can be selected according to the purpose and application.


Turn OFF the Auto Start switch on the rear of the scanner, and use the supplied USB cable to connect the scanner to the computer.

CaptureOnTouch supports the following scanning methods.

Standard Scanning
Click the Select document and Output panels, and then click the [Scan] button to scan the document. You can select the scan method according to the document type and purpose of use before scanning.

Scanning Shortcut
You can register in advance combinations of frequently-used document selections and output methods as a "Scanning Shortcut". Just click the Scanning shortcut panel to implement the scan.

Start Button
"Scanning shortcuts" are allocated to the scanner start button in advance. Set the document and press the Start button to start the scan. You can also allocate your own shortcuts to the start button.

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