What version of Kofax is bundled with Canon scanners?
Article ID: FAQ100113 | Date published: 05/29/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


These Canon scanners are bundled with "Kofax VRS 5.1 for Canon," a custom OEM version that includes "Kofax VRS 5.1 Basic" features plus SBC (Standard Bar Code) and AIPE (Adrenaline Image Processing Engine).

  • DR-C130
  • DR-M140
  • DR-M160
  • DR-6010C
  • DR-6030C
  • DR-G1100
  • DR-G1130

NOTE: The DR-X10C is not bundled with the same software as the models listed above. However, when the optional CGA board is purchased, it includes Kofax VRS 5.1 Professional for Canon DR-X10C.

The Kofax VRS 5.1 Basic and Professional are OEM versions as compared to the Kofax VRS Elite resale packages.