What memory cards are compatible with my camcorder? VIXIA HFR10 series

Article ID: FAQ100176 | Date published: 05/29/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


You can use commercially available SDHC ( SD high capacity) memory cards, SD memory cards, and in some instances SDXC memory cards with this camcorder.

As of October 2009, movie recording function has been tested using SD/SDHC memory cards made by Panasonic, Toshiba and Sandisk  and SDXC cards made by Panasonic and Toshiba.


  • SD memory cards 64MB or less are not suitable for recording video.
  • SD memory cards 128MB or more with class speeds (4, 6 and 10) are recommended.
  • SDHC memory cards over 2GB with class speeds ( 4, 6 and 10) are recommended.
  • SDXC memory cards with class speeds (4, 6 and 10) are recommended.

SDXC memory cards require  Firmware update  Check your camcorder to see if the firmware update has already been installed .  The firmware update is available for download from the canon website or can be performed at the Canon Service Center.


Please see the website of the SDXC memory card manufacturer for card specifications and operating system compatibility.

  • Eye-Fi cards are not guaranteed to work with this product.  In case of an issue check with the card manufacturer.

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