What memory cards have been verified for 4K shooting? (EOS-1D C)

Article ID: FAQ100202 | Date published: 05/29/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Memory Cards verified for 4K shooting

Yes: Verified for use.
Note: Writing speed may become slow, or recording may stop abruptly.

Verified Memory CardsRecording onlyCan be used in combination with the features below when writing
HDMI outputRemote Live View shooting with EOS UtilityHDMI output and Remote Live View shooting with EOS Utility
SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash 100MB/s 128GBYesYesNoteNote
Lexar Professional 1000x CompactFlash 128GBYesYesYesNote
Lexar Professional 1000x CompactFlash 64GBYesYesYesNote
Lexar Professional 1000x CompactFlash 32GBYesYesYesNote
Lexar Professional 1000x CompactFlash 16GBYesNoteNoteNote
*Based on Canon testing standards.

  • This information does not guarantee card recording operations when shooting in 4K. First, shoot a few test movies in the same conditions you plan to record in to make sure the card will write properly.
  • If the card`s writing speed appears to have slowed, low-level format it with a computer, and then initialize it with the camera. Be careful when low-level formatting cards, as all the data stored on the card will be erased.



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